A guide to using this site for Growers

Join other growers, bakers, makers, harvesters in helping to build an Alladin's cave of diversity, taste and quality

 Whether you bake, grow, make  or bake products this site is here to help new customers find you. 

The site is not only about selling your produce but creating a place where for like minded, industrious, gardening people and connecting you with buyers for your produce.  Tucked away on our "product" menu are some categories which you might find usefull such as making the taking of a market or boot fair stall more profitable by finding someone to share with.

  • Register and create an account (this is free and there is no obligation to use it)

  • Create a profile. Tell the customer the unique aspects of hat you produce and when they can buy it.

  • When you have product to sell list your produce for sale. We make a charge of just £1 for each week you list produce for sale. Ther is no limit to how many different products you can list for that £1 per week. The only rule is that it must be YOUR produce. For more information read the FAQs page

  • On your profile you publish your days and times of business.

  • Apart from selling you can barter and swap.

Sell, barter or swap your produce. And more –
How about selling from a market stall but cannort afford the expense? We have a category for people seeking to share a market stall.

IMPORTANT! This site is for you to sell your OWN produce.(We  allow schools, allotments, societies and clubs to place listings.) Any listing placed by those seeking to sell products they have not participated in producing will be removed from the site.