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Buyer’s questions

 What is the point of

When a grower hangs a sign on the gate advertising veg, eggs etc for sale only those fortunate few who travel down that road and spot the sign get to enjoy the produce.

Grownbyus is a 21st century gate, here to make the search for locally grown produce simple. A quick search tells you what is being grown/produced locally then you you pop out, stroll down the road and buy it.

Is it easy to find a range of products locally with GrownbyUs?

Just want to see who is growing/producing what near where you are? Simply enter your FULL POST CODE in the “Enter Post Code” box and press search. You get information back on all growers sorted by distance radiating outwards from where you are.

Searching for a specific product? Select what you are looking for from the extensive drop down menus. Put in your FULL post code press search.

What is the difference between buying from GrownbyUs sellers and a shop?

Even the humble potato, especially those succulent new potatoes start to deteriorate in taste from the moment they are harvested. There is a real difference in taste. Supermarket “new potatoes” can take days, sometimes weeks to reach the shelves by which time the wonder of nature has turned into a bland spud.

Who are GrownbyUs sellers?

They are the people who actually grow, harvest or make the products they are selling. Sellers range from people with a small surplus of product they prefer not to waste to those grower/ producers with small holdings and farms. We ask you to help us to police the growers registered on Grownbyus. Tell us if you suspect a seller is not selling their own product.

Why should I bother to register on Grownbyus when I do not intend selling?

Registration allows you to use the forum. Here you can ask advice on your gardening issues or if you have expertise, offer help to someone with their gardening problems and contribute to the growing Grownbyus community.

Does GrownbyUs make any contribution to a better environment?

Shop in a supermarket you can check the labelling and chose UK produce. Order online and you lose that ability to choose. The result? A box with Peruvian Asparagus, Spanish lettuce, Dutch strawberries etc etc

You do the maths:

You walk half a mile and pick up a bunch of asparagus.


You drive to the supermarket and buy a bundle of asparagus which has been flown in from Peru.

No genius required to work out that sum!

How do products and prices compare to supermarkets?

We encourage growers to put a comparative price with a named supermarket.

There is more to life than just price

We encourage growers to put a comparative price with a named supermarket. However, apart from price, you need to think about the freshness and that the supermarkets primarily sell varieties grown for consistent shape, long shelf life and cheap to produce. GrownbyUs growers are growing not just for sale but for their own consumption. This means they enthusiastically search out and grow varieties with amazing taste.

Can I become a grower/seller?

This is very straightforward:  log into your account and “upgrade” to become a seller. Please bear in mind that this site is to help growers and producers to sell their OWN crops and products.