Frequently asked questions by Growers

Why should I use GrownByUs?

You have a surplus of produce and you have run out of people to give it to. What to do? Compost it? Or turn your surplus into cash to the benefit of yourself and people within a short distance of your “food mountain” or even hillock!  

This is a very low cost, simple way to turn your surplus produce into cash.

If you are up for a bit of bartering you can show a swap option on your listing.

Who can sell through GrownByUs?

Our criteria is very strict. If you grew it or made it you are very welcome to list your produce. If you  bought it to resell we ask you not to place a listing. If you class yourselves as a farm shop please see what our criteria is for this category.

Anyone listing produce that has been bought in will be permanently excluded from this site.

Who sets the prices?

Our advice is that you set your prices at a discount to supermarket prices. You will notice that on your listing there is a box “Supermarket price/ date” and “store” in these boxes insert the price shown on the store online shopping site: (i.e. Tesco site

Why do you suggest a discount to supermarket price?

It is your call. However, this site is about you getting a fair price for your labours and a price that is fair to buyers.

How much will it cost me to place a listing on the site?

£1 per week and you can list as many products for as many or few weeks as you wish. So, if you have a selling season of 3 weeks it will cost you just £3. If you have a dozen different products available for that 3 weeks it will only cost you £3.

How does the cost of using this site compare to say car boot sales?

The cost of selling at car boot sales varies widely between £7 – £25 for a pitch. How much produce do you need to sell just to break even? Of course if it rains and the sale is a wash out it is a trip to the compost heap. If you want to take a stall and would like someone to share the cost, on our search menu we have market stall share. If you are looking for someone to share pace a listing it can save you a lot of money.

I only produce a small surplus?

This site is as valid for people who have substantial growing operations as it is for people, like me, who grow a surplus in a small suburban garden. It costs just £1 per week. When you are sold out your listing expires . If you need more time simply extend your listing for another week.

Is there a minimum/ maximum period for listing?

There is a minimum charge of £1 which provides you with listing for up to one week. You may remove your listing when you wish. You may list products for as long as you have YOUR OWN produce to sell.

We are an allotment association can we advertise communally?

Yes you may.

What hours must I be available to sell?

On your profile page you can list the hours you wish to be available to buyers. These may be changed at any time. Obviously, the more hours you are available the more convenient you are for customers and the higher your sales will be.

I am interested in selling online and wholsesale as well?

On your profile page put in your web address (website and email address) we are very happy to support people who grow, no matter what scale it is on.

I grow produce not listed on your site?

Excellent! We love it when we find someone growing something unusual. It is so frustrating for a cook who cannot find an obscure recipe ingredient on the shelves in supermarkets who are not interested in selling low volume products. Email us at and we will get your product listed

What are the legalities in selling?

If you are carrying on a business of selling then you need to acquire the correct type of scales for selling produce by weight. However, we have been advised by WSCC trading standards that items can be sold without approved scales if you are only selling off a surplus and not engaging in full time business. Most items can, of course, be sold as individual items or for herbs and similar produce by the bunch.

What about packaging?

We are cutting down on food miles so why not cut down on packaging? This not only cuts down on waste but also reduces your costs. We urge buyers to bring appropriate bags or boxes in the case of eggs. If that is the policy you wish to adopt make a note of it on your profile page.

What quantities can I sell in?

Your decision. Personally I sell Duck eggs and am happy to sell them individually. There is a huge number of single person households who want good food but they do not need the quantities that families will typically buy. You can help each other

I am interested in swapping produce can I do that?

Of course. On your profile note what produce you are looking for. Of course search on the produce you wish to buy and find a buyer interested in a swap.

I have an idea to help this site help growers

We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve this site for the benefit of either growers or customers please email me at