Why use this site to find local produce?

Which are you?

Fine food fan? Someone who hates supermarkets? Someone looking for good value produce? You share a common problem with others...

...the problem of finding local growers and producers who are often tucked away, out of sight.

Grownbyus has a mission to connect you to these enthusiasts who plant, grow, cultivate, harvest and prepare in or near your neighbourhood. A quick way for you to benefit from the enthusiasm, expertise and love these growers lavish on producing some really fine foods and products

This is a new site so, as yet, we do not have producers in all categories across all areas of the country. With your help that will come in time!

Our growers range in size from those who have a few pots on their patio to full scale farmers.

Our philosophy is summed up in the name of the site, Grownbyus. Only those who participate in the production of the products are permitted to list their products for sale on this site. We ask you to help us Police this absolute rule. Those found to be breaking this rule will be banned.

Grownbyus is not just for shopping in your home area but a great way to find fresh supplies whilst enjoying your self catering holiday.

If you harbour the idea of joining the community or simply wish to tap into the experience of experienced growers then register for free and use the site resources. We absolutely guarantee that you will not be plagued by unwanted emails.