About Us

The idea for this site came over me during the annual cutting back of our bay tree. Having supplied huge quantities to friends, family and neighbours there remained a huge heap to be composted.

What a waste!

A favourite saying of my Mum was “waste not want not”. It was is this principle which underlies the principle of this site.

In the shops, a few bay leaves which have possibly travelled hundreds of miles,  packaged in plastic are for sale at an extortionate price. Typically 80p for half a dozen leaves.

This year we have had a bumper crop of tomatoes. After friends, neighbours, family were totally tomatoed out, the freezer bulging there was still a surplus which, unfortunately, went to waste.

Our family in Horsham, Sussex, are not avid gardeners yet, even so, every year we end up with surplus tomatoes, chillis and a whole array of herbs. Much of this goes to waste.

We also grow things you cannot buy at your local supermarket:  fennel leaves, purslane (a delicious very healthy salad leaf); lovage (a herb with a very strong celery flavour great if you do not want the bulky stringiness of celery in your dish).

We not only sell our surplus but will happily swap produce with other growers. (Anyone have a highly productive fig tree in Horsham?)

So, GrownByUs came about because we hate waste. It is so disheartening to compost perfectly good produce which people in the neighbourhood would be delighted to buy at prices substantially lower than supermarkets.

Grownbyus enables you to find seasonal produce at fair prices very local to where you are.

Agreed, you will not be able to go to one grower and buy all your greengrocery needs. However, you can get to meet people with a passion for producing great crops buy them totally fresh and hopefully keenly priced.

You may be a well off gardener for whom a few pounds is irrelevant but dislikes waste (fine donate it to charity) or someone looking to make a few quid for the family, whichever end of the spectrum you are GrownByUs offers an easy way to market your surplus products.

Should you have any suggestions on how we may improve the effectiveness of this site please email us.