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…and great fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, cakes, jam, meat and much more


Local produce doesn’t come any more local than this!

Next door, up the road or round the corner find local growers of fruit, vegetables, herbs meet a growing band of producers of delicious cakes, preserves and much more (yes even manure)

The choice is yours: under-ripe, stale bland supermarket fodder that has travelled across the globe OR  in season lovingly grown and made products from local producers

Input your full postcode into the search bar above, press search and up comes information on growers listed by distance from where you are. (if you are using a smart phone the geo-location and let the phone do the work)

Looking for a specific product? Take your pick, from the extensive menu of categories and sub-categories. If you want a category added let us know.

Many growers cultivate some of the more obscure but delicious crops and varieties you will never see on the supermarket shelves. Many growers will harvest to order.


Food yards NOT Food miles is our motto!


Click on the product and just see how close your nearest supplier is. It might be next door!


Why not join our community of sellers? You do not need to be growing as a business. If you hate waste simply turn your surplus crop into cash or find growers with whom you might swap or share a market stall.


We welcome any suggestions from growers and buyers as to how we may improve the scope and range of this site. Just email us at


By the way remember when going to collect produce bring along your own bags, boxes and bowls.


This site is for people who are producing themselves and for proper farm shops which actively support local growers. We do not want listings from those pseudo-farm shops who buy from wholesalers the reality is that they are just retailers who happen to be located on a farm. That is not what a farm shop should be.

We ask our users to let us know when they suspect that the seller does not fall within the criteria of a grower/producer or a proper farm shop via


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